76+ Acres . 3 Distinct Properties . 12 Unique Homes

Architect-designed modern homes, built by local craftsmen- we pride ourselves on
design + quality.
2 hours from Manhattan and 2 minutes from the Catskills,
HV Contemporary Homes offers the perfect escape:

Privacy . Community . Nature.

38 Private Acres / 5 Contemporary Homes

Waterfalls Properties

Waterfalls Properties offers 5 Unique Homes designed by architecture firm Studio MM on 38 Private Acres within the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley. See more…

Each property ranges from 6 to 10 acres and offers complete privacy.

25 terraced acres bordering Kaaterskill Wild Forest

The Cliffs at Kaaterskill

5 Exceptional Properties – The Cliffs’ 25 acre site is more vertical than horizontal and will be divided into five 5+ acre parcels, each with outstanding views and complete privacy. See more…

Homes at The Cliffs will be designed to enhance the natural surroundings and take advantage of the infinite views across the Hudson River Valley.

14 Private Acres / 3 Contemporary Homes

Hill Road Houses

Hill Road Houses will be 3 Unique Homes designed by architecture firm Studio MM on 14 Private Acres set among the mountain ranges and spectacular landscape of New York’s Hudson Valley. See more…

The Hill Road Houses are located along a quaint country road in Accord, NY. Each property is approximately 4.5 acres.