Chalet Perche

A new modern home has just begun construction at Waterfalls Properties.
This project is unique because it is the first time that we’ve collaborated with clients
to design a custom home for an HVCH property.

Chalet Perche

Architect: Studio MM Architect
Location: Kerhonkson, NY
Under Construction (Fall 2017)

Chalet Perche sits at the top of an elevated site, rising to take advantage of distant mountain views above a forested canopy. Designed for a young couple that are energetic creatives in both their personal and professional lives, the home draws its inspiration from both modern minimalist houses and the iconic French chalet. Oriented south, an elegant glass entryway focuses guests on a garden that is visible beyond. This focus on landscape continues through the interior of the house.  The clients fell in love with a beautiful Oak tree on the property and we began with organizing the design of the house around views of that tree.
Knowing that the future would bring a variety of different living scenarios, our clients continuously challenged us to design increasingly multi-functional spaces. By pulling apart the public and private areas of the home, we were able to create an open living space while creating more intimate private spaces in which our clients could house friends, children, or their families. Chalet Perche seamlessly blends our clients’ on-the-go lifestyle with a traditional form, creating a unique modern home for a contemporary family.