HV Contemporary Homes

Our Philosophy

HV Contemporary Homes has been creating custom contemporary residences in the Hudson Valley since 2011.

Our homes are inspired by the people who live in them and the craftspeople who build them. We thrive on our relationships with our clients as well as with the community. HV Contemporary Homes proudly supports local craftsmen, proprietors, farmers, fishermen, winemakers, brewers…designers and builders!

Think of it as craft development.

Focused on design. Built on quality. Driven by integrity.

Marica McKeel
Marica McKeel, AIA is the founder and creative mind behind HV Contemporary Homes. She is the principal architect at Studio MM, a NYC and Hudson Valley based architecture firm focused on modern residential design.  When not in the studio Marica can be found hiking properties with potential clients, getting her hands dirty on a new "project" or sketching out the next house design.

Tracy Levy
From business plans to Instagram, Tracy Levy pretty much runs the show at HV Contemporary Homes. Tracy spends her days developing marketing strategy, running social media campaigns and keeping our business running smoothly. As a true Hudson Valley locavore, she will be sharing her favorite spots with us here: Around the Valley.

Brock Vandervliet
With 20+ years experience in the financial industry, Brock Vandervliet is the business mind behind our team. Brock grew up sailing and is an avowed car-lover, but these days when he's not burrowing through a spreadsheet on the weekends he can be found at Waterfalls Properties with a chainsaw or a blowtorch.


Tim Larsen
1/2 the reason our homes are crafted perfectly and beautifully built!
Rich Larsen
1/2 the reason our homes are crafted perfectly and beautifully built!
Cabinet Designers
Jesse, Becki, Jim + CD Team take precision and craft to heart. We love that!
Harbrook Windows + Doors
Tom Brooks + Team help design windows + doors for our homes.
Larsen Builders
Truly skilled carpenters who genuinely care about their craft.
Mike Rothe
Mike + Rothe Lumber can make anything we can dream up out of wood.
Murphys Plumbing
Keeping our homes warm + toasty + plumbed up perfectly.
Pete Lang
Head Mason + Magician w Concrete Floors
PJL Construction
Foundations, Floors + Fireplaces : The Art of Concrete!
Catskill Native Nursery
Making our homes extra beautiful with landscaping!
Kiniry Excavating
Kim + Kiniry team are on the job from start to finish - moving dirt from foundations to finish grading.